Friday, June 25, 2010

Tool #11

Three digital items I'm interested in sharing with my students are:
personal blogs, googledocs, and finding apps for the itouch.
Some of our 5th graders are pretty saavy with computers, and others are not.
I feel that all of our students need to be trained how to use all of the items appropriately.
I know we will need to start slowly, have a definite procedure developed by our team, and then continue the roll out of new tools to our students. We were very successful in our grant using the itouch and net books last year, and I'm confident that we will continue to expand the knowledge level during the new year! Looking forward to a great year!

Tool # 10

Last school year the 5th grade team was involved in a grant program involving itouch and netbooks. We have pages and pages of wonderful apps for our students to use. We practice in all subjects. Last year, we used apps for practicing math facts, finding multiples and factors of numbers, logical reasoning skills, and solving word problems. I know we will have many apps to use in science. It will be a great year!
Tool #6:
WIKI's---the video was very helpful!
I know we'll be able to use this often in Science.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tool 3 - Billboards

This is Tucker, he's the best dog in the world!

Tool 3 - Tucker's Trading Card

Tool #3: Big Huge Labs
It's very interesting to see how many of our MWE students are into a PLN site!
Way to go 5th Graders!

Here are spots to enjoy:
// I love freebies!
// Great for Science!
// Good for Science!
// Great because it's changed daily!

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